Xenomorph Burgers
Restaurant Logo & Menu
Here with the Xenomorph Burger lied a challenge of combining a popular sci-fi horror film with a family friendly dinner. Still staying within the boundaries of the movie franchise and focusing on elements that still showed the audience what it was without having to show in detail like Ridley Scott from the original film.
After examining current food chain logos and displays while incorporating elements from the Xenomorph a logo was finally created. Still showing similarity to the sci-fi monster with minimal details the logo establishes a strong connection to both elements in which it is entangled with.
Expanding on the elements used in the logo was applied to the menu as a pattern for cohesiveness, and applying different Xenomorphs types in a humorous fashion to bring in that family friendly environment.
After printing the menu and examining the design and layout, minor changes were made to establish readability without taking too much away from the initial design. Colors were adjusted to not blend with words. as well as the removal of some pattern to escape the confusion on which part of the menu was the inner part.

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